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Summer Summary  @ 2-Jul-15


It' s been quite sometime since a Blog has been posted, lots going on on everyone's lives I suppose. But I thought I'd catch up a bit with my to do list. First of all our last competition: Weather. For the DPIs in first place was Ken with Wind and Waves, in second place was Arthur with Winter Fog and in third place was Humphrey with Time to come in. For the prints, in first place was Arthur with Hoar Frost on the River Usk, in second place was Ken with Wind in the Dunes and in third place was Tony with Cwm Celyn in Mist. Hopefully these are now all on our website to be viewed.

There were a few repeated comments coming through: Borders around digital images were needed, backing cards on your prints to make them sturdier and prevent possible damage, taking down exposure in some areas, care with overworking images, comments re. composition etc., so something for most of us to take away and think about when putting together our next set of competition entries.

Our evening with Leigh Woolford was fantastic with some absolutely stunning images of Iceland. Lots of ooo's and aahh's from us all. And guess what, he takes photos because they give him pleasure, he's not out to please judges, although most of the time he does!

Last Monday, a group of us met up at Llanthony Abbey and were rewarded with some of that elusive 'golden hour' light. It really was a great couple of hours and I suspect that we might be seeing some of the images in our next open competition.

We'll see you on the 13th for our last meeting before the summer break.

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