Abergavenny Camera Club : Useful Links


Here's some useful links to sites where you can find some amazing photography. Use them as inspiration and for ideas for your own photography.

Photographers and their work

Site Notes
Asher Svidensky Just beautiful photographs, many from places like Mongolia and the far East.
50 great photographers Links to the sites of top photographers.
Presentations at club Here's links to the sites of all the photographers who have presented at Abergavenny club since 2013.
Amos Chapple Pictures from around the world, including aerial photos taken with a drone.

All kinds of photographs

Site Notes
Guardian best photographs of the day Photos in the news, done well.
National Geographic photography Photos from this great magazine, including photo of the day, daily dozen, best of the month and editor's picks.
Flickr The original 'here's my nice photos' site. Endless inspiration.
500px A similar site to Flickr, with great photos.
Photo.net critique Select photos by category and other factors. Lots of good ones here.
Huffington Post best photos Selections amazing photos from the online rag.
Perfectly timed photos Just great timing and positioning on these photos.
DIY Photography Inspiration Here's a bunch of inspiration pages from diyphotography.net.
The Photo Argus Lots of brilliant photos and how-tos.

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