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On photography

Here's some useful links around the subject of photography. If you've got more we can add, please contact the webmaster.

Basic tutorials and tips

Website Notes
Digital Camera World A useful set of tutorials
Cambridge in Colour Useful tutorials here for beginners on how the camera works and other basics, as well as a few more advanced items.
Digital Photography School Lots of tips, tutorials and techniques.
Photography Mad More tips, tutorials, etc.
Improve Photography Photo basics, kit, etc.
Tutsplus Tutorials and articles on photography.
2015 one project per week 52 photo tutorials, one per week through 2015, already covering water droplets and smoke art. By Digital Camera World.
Cheat Sheet Roundup A handy set of 19 photo cheat sheets on all kinds of useful topics.
Digital Photography School Lots of tips and tutorials for photography and editing.
The Bastard's Book of Photography A rather good web book on taking photographs.
Exposure Guide Blog, basics, tips, editing. Lots of very helpful stuff.
100 Tips 100 Tips from a Professional Photographer
NG Photo Tips National Geographic's pages on photo tips.
Beginner's mistakes 10 Embarrassing Mistakes I Made As A Beginner Photographer (at Expert Photography)
101 portrait tips Lots of useful tips for photographing people.
Lightstalking Splendid site with lots of tips ('Improve your photography with us').

More advanced stuff

Website Notes
Lee Filters resources How tos, etc. including Xposure magazine from the maker of premium filters.
DIY Photography tutorials Lots of tutorials from diyphotography.net.
The Slanted Lens Lots of excellent tutorials here.
Photo Argus Tips Many pages of tips and ideas.
Cooph techniques Techniques page from the 'The Cooperative of Photography'. Lots of clever stuff.
Improve Photography All kinds of useful articles.
Exposure Guide Knowledgeable blog covering all kinds of useful stuff.
Extreme Macro Online guide for macro photography. Includes useful page on focus stacking..
Tangents blog Lots of useful and clever talk from Neil van Niekerk. See also the tutorials.

Specialist Photography

Web page Notes
Food Photography tips Useful set of clever tips for photographing food in a Guardian article.


Website Notes
Painting Analysis Leeds U Faculty of Arts online course about understanding paintings. Great for learning more about composition.
Composition in Painting Four lessons about art composition.
Design Principles Some useful tips about composition and design.
Art fundamentals The seven elements of composition in art.
10 Rules of photo composition From Digital Camera World.
10 top photo composition rules More on composition.
18 Composition Rules Even more rules. Useful.
Photo composition articles A useful collection.
Top 10 compositions tips Some different and useful ones.

Photographs and talk

Website Notes
Flickr Zillions of pics from photographers around the world. Much excellent stuff here.
500px The 'premier photography community' with lots of photos and discussions.
Talk Photography Put your images in the site here to get criticism from other photographers.
National Geographic Source of much stunning international photography.
The Guardian Articles and examples from the national newspaper.
The Telegraph Articles and examples from another UK broadsheet.
Dazed Creative site with lots of recent creative stuff.


Website Notes
Marutt Camera club talk on printing, plus cheaper ink systems.
Orbit Print Print on various things (good for presents), including posters and canvas (good value). Based in Merthyr (go pick up your prints and save the postage).


Website Notes
Amateur Photography The classic UK enthusiasts' rag.
Photo Answers Various
Digital Photo Cameras, techniques, etc.
Digital Photographer Galleries, tips, etc.
Digital Camera World Tips, tutorials, reviews, etc.
Nature Photo Online magazine about the outdoors.
Photo Plus Tutorials, editing, kit, etc.
Seesaw Online photo magazine, mostly showing photographs.
Advanced Photographer Photography and kit for the experienced person.
British Journal of Photography Professional highbrow magazine.
Photo Professional Articles, interviews, kit, etc. Aimed ad professionals.
Professional Photographer Articles aimed at professionals.
World Photography Organisation Includes nice on-screen magazine.
Cooph The Cooperative of Photography
Photography News Click on 'Photography News' for free magazine. Other mags are pay-for.

Photo courses, events and other stuff

Website Notes
Timeline Events 'Where heritage and photography come together'. A place that runs days for photographing old stuff like trains, planes, etc.
Dragonfly Imaging See the photography courses run here by Keith Sharples, our own local expert.
Curiosity Studio Studio for hire! In the Rhondda Valley. Props, lighting kit, etc. Good value.


Website Notes
Raw Therapee Oddly-named but comprehensive open software RAW viewer and editor
The Gimp The best free alternative to Photoshop.
Fusion Decent free HDR software.
Luminance Alternative free HDR software.
PicMonkey An easy, free, online editor. Useful at least in the internet cafe on holiday.
Magic Lantern For Canon SLRs only. Extends the Canon firmware to do all sorts of additional tricks, such as intervalometer, motion detection, advanced bracketing, advanced focus, etc. Also enhances video modes.
Reikan Focal Autofocus fine calibration and other stuff for higher-end cameras.


Website Notes
Triggersmart Trigger system to capture movement. Full set of controller, sensors, etc. UK company.
Miops Camera and flash system for timed and sound/light triggered photography. 18 different modes with remote operation from mobile phone.

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