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YouTube channels and videos

Here's some useful links to photography YouTube channels. If you've got more we can add, please contact the webmaster.

YouTube photographer channels

Channel Details
Nigel Danson Right up the top. Excellent, professional videos on landscape photography, editing, locations, gear.
Thomas Heaton One of the best. Lots of tips and detailed how-to. Nice chap. Well-produced videos. Lots of locations. Editing videos too.
Sean Tucker Excellent channel on filming, types of photography (inc street, location, portrait), editing, locations.
Sean Bagshaw Good channel on landscape photography, editing.
Mads Peter Iverson Great channel on landscape photography, with lots of country locations, tips, gear, etc.
Mark Denney Good channel on landscape photography, including tips, editing, gear.
James Popsys Good channel on photography, editing, travel, gear.
Jamie Windsor Solid channel on photography (esp street, portraits), editing, gear.
Chris Sale Landscape photography, photo tips, gear.
Alister Benn Expressive Photography channel on trying express emotion in photographs.
Pat Kay Loads of videos for advancing your photography.

YouTube photography channels

Channel Details
The Slanted Lens Lots about lighting. More about travel photography, gear, etc.
Nature TTL Lots on photographing nature, landscape, gear.
FStoppers A good range of videos on photography, editing, gear.
Tavis Leaf Glover Lots on dynamic symmetry and other composition methods, plus videos on classic photographers such as Cartier Bresson.
Photography Online Online photo magazine. Really well done.
First Man Photography Landscape photography, editing,gear.
Adorama TV Loads of videos on photography, film, gear, etc.
Hayden Pedersen Lots of creative methods and ideas. Young and loud style. Australian.
7th Era Lots of creative methods and ideas. Young and loud style. Also Australian.
The Art of Photography Ted Forbes on all aspects of photography, gear, editing, etc.
Camera Club Live Lots of useful talks about photo subjects, often about 20 mins.
Curious Muse Short videos that explain different art styles and other arty topics.
Run N Gun Photo Tips Useful set of photography hacks, tweaks, etc.
Walks on the Wild Side Wildlife and Landscape with good explanations.

Photo Editing channels (Photoshop)

Link Description
Piximperfect A bit condescending in tone, but lots of very good photoshop tutorials.
f64 Academy Excellent channel on photoshop including advanced and beginners.
PHLearn Lots of excellent videos on photoshop and lightroom.
Photoshop Training Channel Lots of good videos on photoshop.
Anthony Morganti Lots of good photoshop and lightroom videos (plus others inc Nik), including beginner and advanced playlists.
Miles of Colour Not a lot but very good videos on photoshop editing.
Photoshop Cafe Lots of videos on photoshop & lightroom plus others on photography, drones, tech.
Yuri Fine Art Excellent photo editing videos (mostly Lightroom) plus other general photography stuff.
Glyn Dewis Excellent Photoshop videos (he wrote good books on this) plus various photography tips.
tutvid Lots of good photoshop tutorials.
Greg Benz Lots of photoshop tutorials, though with a focus on his 'Lumenzia' action panel.
Jimmy McIntyre Lots of good photoshop videos but lots of focus on his Raya Pro action panel.
Graphicsxtras Photo editing with a particlar focus on graphics.

Photo Editing channels (Affinity Photo)

Link Description
In Affinity Dave's Affinity Photo channel. Hundreds of videos, most about 5 mins. From beginner to expert.
Olivio Sarikas Decent channel on Affinity from enthusiastic Austrian designer.
Affinity Photo Tutorial channel from Serif, the producers of Affinity Photo.
Affinity Revolution Reasonable channel, though with rather jarring style.
Carl Surry A number of useful tutorials across the Affinity product range. A bit slow.

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